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Swoop Time


Address: P.O. Box 660092 Sacramento









Coach Brown -

            Courtney Brown

Coaches Wanted!

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AAU Coaches Registration Steps


  1.  Go to 

  2.  Push membership. Non-Athlete membership

  3.  Fill out the form

  4.  Look up Team Name (Swoop Time) or put in team code (W356FC)

  5.  Create an account

  6.  Check-out

2010 - present

USATF Coaches Registration Steps
  1.  Go to

  2.  Push membership. Individual Adult Member (Join)

  3.  Start filling out forms.

  4.  Look up Team Name (Swoop Time) 

  5.  Page 7  Select one time payment.

  6.  Create an account 

  7.  Check-out

2010 - present

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