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Track & Feild


Swoop Time Track Club is designed for youth ages 6 thru 17. We want to introduce our youth athletes to Physical Literacy Development, and help them with their:


Speed of Response



Our custom configuration will enhance their overall performance and give them the movement exposure required to be successful in sports in the future.

We are members of both AAU and USATF!


We are excited about entering into our 9th Season as a Track & Field Club. We cant wait for the First Meet!

Get Your Athlete Signed Up Today!

We look forward to working with you!

First Day of Practice January 27, 2024


We are dedicated to the success of youngsters and their environment. We want all the kids to have a fair shot. Please Help!


    Founded, together, by NFL great/Olympic Gold Medalist Ron Brown, as well as, Blue Chip All American W/R Courtney Brown of San Jose State University, James (Swoop) Hereford of Guilford College and Sacramento State University Track Scholar Christopher Brown. When we started Swoop Time in 2009 our goal was to provide quality services for youth and community development by way of sports. We decided to dedicate or time to local youth because of the lack of opportunities present for them in specific areas. Each year we give ANY Sacramento youth the same opportunity to be a part of our top of the line athletic instruction through Swoop Time Track and Field and Swoop Time Football Camps. We make our local youth a priority and we are committed to making certain that each and every school age child in our community is given equal opportunities to be a part of a sports team. It’s widely understood that the participating in sports as a child not only builds muscles, stamina, team skills and close friendships but it can also play a key role in crime prevention AND increases their likely hood of college enrollment. Our amazing VOLUNTEERS come together to form one of the best coaching crews available. They are eager to provide in-depth instruction, lectures and demonstrations for your player.

    Swoop Time can be for an experienced football player or someone just starting. Our football camps and conditioning training camps are an experience which will help to improve overall performance and give your youth that winning edge. Your youth will learn individual and team techniques on both offense & defense. Also, learn the game of football in detail to help improve the understanding of the game and situation comprehension. Learn mental conditioning methods to help push yourself to your goals. Experience athletic growth at a fast pace. For the track athletes, our training will give the conditioning your youth must have to be competitive. Practice is intense and everyone WILL work EVERYDAY! Players will return home to their teams with more coordination, more knowledge and more overall athletic ability!

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